thoughts of a polar bear girl

strength in thoughts and words. sharing my icy perspective from the northern region of my mind.



Most call me Amanda, some Sally, some Merc, some Deltamanda. It really isn’t the name that catches me, but the intention of the speaker. 🙂

I am a graduate college student, more determined to achieve my purpose and believed calling to work for our country in hopes of serving the most under-privileged and becoming less ignorant by the day of the people of our world. Someday, I hope to travel, as all those with curiosity and the desire to help within their heart often do, but I hope to do so with stronger abilities and skill sets that can amount to something more for the people of our world. Through diplomacy, politics, health, I want to not make a difference, but develop understanding from all sides. Making a difference is living. Establishing understanding and giving others the inspiration to understand and do something with their knowledge is the true gift I hope to give back to the world that has given me so very much.

All of us have had things taken, injustices occurred, but the ability to use such experiences that fade in comparison with those that others have lived with or have seen for the benefit of many, that is my true calling and dream. I will achieve it.

I want to grow and learn about myself through observation as well as experience. My love and person life comes at a cost to achieve my dreams, and I understand that well even if it doesn’t bode well with me every day. To want much is to sacrifice much. I know I am not the only person to understand this well.

I use this blog to write from my head, my heart, and all that intertwines.

My inspirations are here and my questions and observations follow moving events for me. I try to achieve all I can through expression and hope that any who read these can gain something from my words. Words unshared might as well be spoken to the ocean, and if one person can find something meaningful, then I will have done my job as a writer, or as I feel, more of an expresser of phrases and thoughts.




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