It’s an unfortunate thing really to allow one’s senses to dull due to the lack of awareness

For without the ability to know is to be without ability

Sense of space and form, one must exist

To know where one exists or to know what one is

One grows while another remains stagnant

Or both are lost in static

To move while one’s own self is moving is to have no control at all

A frictionless system in which steps are continually taken

Knowledge is power, but knowledge of what?

Place and person are the pendulums required

To understand an upswing is not knowing where the downswing will land

Pulling up and down will shatter from the inside or do nothing

Any which way, the displacement is the same

Movement will always end

Does it matter which place or person was moved?

Of whom’s opinion is of regard?

Displacement for all will be measured the same

And choices exist to allow the movements to matter whilst they happen

One cannot expect another to know what actions have taken place in the past

When only the current is able to be sensed

Awareness of the present

Acknowledgment of the past

And knowing that all futures are the same

It is value assigned by one if any who’s or where’s are of consequence.