Sometimes, when I allow myself, I think that I catch a glimmer of you..

It’s hardly a sparkle, something that feels like a mistake.

My eyes move too fast one way or I lose my head thinking too far,

And in a way, a cloud lifts and the shimmer flashes,

Not quite out of view, but unable to distinguish past anything but the light.

Was this supposed to be a hint of some unknown matter?

Is there an opening in this dimension telling me of an unfounded truth?

To seem so clear at first yet be nothing at its source,

That is what my mind makes it out to be.

Making something so beautiful at first to be an unimportant idea.

Pushing away the shock that could take away any power to hold reality.

To hope is to lose grip on what is here.

But why hold onto something so firm?

If it is already unmovable, what is the fear in reaching towards something else?

To dream is to think of things that have not yet happened,

Not to imagine the impossible, but to give rise to the idea of a reality of your choice.

Why should this be is not.

To motivate one’s self in presenting a potential..

All it takes is one in an uncountable ways to carve a path and capture the spark.