Standing on the bench at a cafeteria table, unable to sit and take the discourse on how society would never want to see a woman lead as a hero. It wasn’t realistic, it wasn’t a world that we lived in.

How wrong they were.

I stood on all that I’d fought for. 13 years of it. Unimpressive but powerful. I was limitless at 13, and these classmates threatened all my hopes and dreams. They threw a ceiling at me I didn’t realize even applied to my life. They used the logic behind fear and pride, the control of a male dominated society..more that I did not know or understand. They told me that while it was a nice idea, they wouldn’t support a female hero because she would never be able to get an audience. Their logic here was that only their audience mattered, the opinions and presence of other guys. My existence was not even put into this discussion, my presence and life was not a valued persona occupying the same plane that we all were set on.

A spiral of rage, disappointment, and courage made it’s way to my speech and I gave back the energy of the history that had said the same I was about to, and with the intent to give rise to a reality of women heroes. I chose to acknowledge those women and their past existence on my plane. It is law: energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The words were not truly owned, but my voice gave them renewal and let the fire free. I explained that this main boy arguing with me was soon to realize how antiquated his understanding was and that a Wonder Woman movie, BECAUSE it was led by WONDER WOMAN, a kind, fierce and fearless warrior who leapt to help any injustice and inequality, without the slightest hesitation or thought. As a woman hero, she UNDERSTOOD that all lives are valuable and that male dominance and oppression of any group of people is the ultimate disgrace to the human condition; oppression leaves a stain on history and a poor taste in the future. How could such inequality have been allowed? How could others even have thought that the females were of a lesser matter than the males of the world? These would be the questions of our history, not of the hypothetical ability of women to be respected and revered in society.

Almost 11 years later, here I stand, but soon, in front of an IMAX screen, ready to see a the most influential hero I’ve ever held in my spirit, who has inspired me to utilize the energy of suffragettes, heroes of justice and equality, and learn to leave hesitation to the wind when it comes to being a voice of fire in fighting the oppression for all.

I hope those boys understand the power of women, the power of the values that Wonder Woman holds and why she is the greatest hero of all time. There is nothing scarier to the patriarchy than an empowered woman. My 13 year old self knew this and I honor her actions in continuing to ensure the acknowledgement of my fellow Amazonian warriors, my fellow women, gays, muslims, blacks, all oppressed by a cowardly society. We stand strong together, fighting for each other when it is inconvenient and holds consequences. That is the fearlessness of being Wonder Woman and the grace of being a society of strong, supportive humans.

Wonder Woman is our beacon and we too must be lights for each other when the darkness threatens our acknowledged existence. We all matter. We are all Wonder Woman.