I suppose in all realities, it is extremely rare to know what one is looking for, where they will find that sense of fulfillment or what gives them a completeness to conquer the distasteful boredom they’ve succumbed to in the rest of life’s moments.

It is hard to imagine in such a painful way, but what if it is the severity of life that drives us faster or more directly to our goals? Is it suffering that creates a line that is much more lucid than that of a perspective that sees all greatness at once? Does hardship drive focus?

Then we look at some of our heroes, maybe they are our parents, writers, actors, or athletes..but regardless, can we understand their struggles and what took them to the lengths that allowed them their opportunity to complete themselves? Rather than view pain and suffering as a scale for all, perhaps it is much more attuned to our minds and natures on individual levels. Maybe we all have this breaking point in which our will decides “enough is enough” and we go from flight to fight. We could utilize this sense of running from our self-chosen fate and manifest an endpoint that feels hard-won. There is no particular person who has received an opportunity that has filled them in such a way if it had “come easy” to put in simplistic terms… because then what do we make of those who seem to succeed when there has been no true hardship or that comparable to any we can fathom? And can we so rightfully know how someone feels about their life without a their honest self-proclamation? The rest seems subjective.

I don’t know what to say to those “easy-go-lucky” appearing people but I know enough to separate myself, I suppose. Why bother pushing for similarities of those who are successful but whom you cannot find common ground with because their ascension seems too swift and without conflict? Those people should not likely be those to deliberately reflect on ourselves with, if that makes sense… If there are people we cannot relate to because of a feeling of distance, we either choose to find common ground or to ignore. In this such case, while I would often recommend to myself to find commonalities even among those seen most evil or in a black and white fashion by the world, maybe it is not productive to push so hard when there are so many other people to offer advice and from whom you can seek inspiration.

No one has to do everything or to feel guilty about everything to be a good person. So many things about being a good person involve the common belief that one is “accomplishing good” for the world, and the world consists of many people and also just one at the same time. Good can be accomplished for one and by definition, the innate want to do good with relatively pure intentions can help define actions as good. The want to be a good person never actually accomplishes such. No one is a good person completely, it is impossible to attain that goal. There is no line in the sand that sends some to be good enough to be deemed completely good people and other that is just shy enough to be “not” a good person. I will disregard the word bad for the reason I write about the impossibility of being a good person, it is so arbitrary and inaccurate.

Actions are what defines our legacy and to find our legacy is what drives us to live. We believe that we have a path and we have to follow this to achieve such goals yet we frustrate ourselves on finding these steps to walk. I imagine that there is no proper way for anyone to come across their journey except the idea of breaking each of our own individual thresholds as I began this writing.

The funny thing about our human structure is that our eyes were built to see outward; we cannot see ourselves in the world but see the world around us. It is not in our anatomy to know our completeness and place in the world at any given moment because our perception never includes our physical self. And maybe that bias is what allows us to blindly walk among others and allow other forces to present opportunities to us, with our free will being prepared to fight through the terrifying dream of actually achieving what we feel we are meant to or running away from it so as to avoid any disappointment.

The more I think that I can walk any path in this world so long as I continue to grow in knowledge and heart, the more I realize that my path is slowly becoming clearer, and maybe my threshold is about to be broken.