The mind is like a faucet

It continues to run water, and you can choose what you want to do with what’s collected

Use it to sustain life, survive

Drink as much or as little as you want

Feel cooler or warmer, change the body’s climate

Soothe your voice, receive some oxygen and take a moment to appreciate the silence

Flood and overwhelm, stare at the pool without finding any use for it,

Allowing only a constant drip, annoying yourself with single ideas and letting them pass through the drain

Drenching the tub, submerging yourself wholeheartedly and without distraction, allowing stillness or choosing to create your own flow with movement of any desired direction

Running water solely for the purpose of another, satisfying the thirst of those around you

But turning the faucet off, this is not “zen” or peace

This is shutting off your brain deliberately, not allowing it to be blank

Still water can be calming and to its self, inimitable

It can be vital for security and hydration

But the faucet shut off.. it’s a choice to remain thoughtless, not to be at rest.