Just like steam, it diffuses, every particle of my life, into every bit of the atmosphere that it can grasp. We all want so desperately to become a part of the space in which WE call space; what those who want everything don’t realize is how they don’t want everything. To know the three stations is to give chance no shot.

In allowing our openness, we dissipate. The dream of a legacy is one of precipitation, however, it cannot be truly achieved until one’s self is entirely evaporated. Do not be so quick to achieve all that you hope to in your lifetime before such clocks tick.

Each action forward important, though closer to deadly, gives rise to changing forecast, new weather in each passing moment.

Waiting for the sun to hide it’s light, the perfect storm to form with all components held in such an unprecedented way. When others say it is coming, there are believers who prepare. Even so, with news of a storm, so many treat it with different avenues of perspective.

There are those who buy all the bricks, build a fortress around them to keep them safe and hide from the strong winds that could come.

There are those who gather all of the food that they can find, ready to ride out the outer damage so long as their physical bodies remain nourished.

There are those who bring family and take them away from all they’ve known, acknowledging the storm and it’s impact, if severe enough, could change their temporary placement but won’t allow altering of their family unit.

There are those who do nothing, out of knowledge or disbelief. They may choose to stand their ground because they believe themselves to be immoveable or perhaps because the storm will come regardless and what is it really for two beings to occupy the same space?

The one thing about the storm is always the same, regardless of whether it has been foreseen or not, it causes those around it to react. The fools are those who remain ignorant, unable to make any decisions because no original question was asked. Without knowing of someone’s storm to come, there is no time in which it sits in the mind of that person. There is no consideration or value.

Others forget that many storms are built off other specific conditions outside itself, that it feeds off energy and heat or freezing conditions. Without knowledge of any storms, there is no way to achieve your own. To be ignorant of the excellence required is to say that stepping on a stone will be enough to incite an earthquake.

In so many ways, people believe that if they choose to simply step on the ground or blow into the air, their earth-defining legacy will be decided. It isn’t until afterwards that we can see what nature has done through it’s power. And so we too, must understand that there is no going back in terms of how we choose to leave our marks and often, we are not the sole deciders of such indentation.

Without allowing the marks of others to impact your mind, without any knowledge of such greatness, finding one’s own through seclusion is near impossible.

While repetition and lack of variable are more attuned to produce the same result, it is new environmental factors and processes that give rise to altering conditions and surprises of what power can come from different things. Instead of stepping over and over on the same paths in hopes of achieving a legacy of greatness, it is of greater consequence to travel in new directions and learn about those journeys that others have taken. There is more than one direction just as there is more than 1 kind of perfect storm.