Heeeeey guys! (my few followers/readers!)

So my friend Chris Royce who runs the JVClub podcast *@jvclubpodcast* (check it out on itunes or nerdist.com) & is led by Janet Varney (Legend of Korra, Stan Against Evil, Burning Love, You’re the Worst…so much more) were chatting on Twitter, sort of joking about how many inimitable ladies there were left to be interviewed and Chris joked about making a list of the 50 women we’d like to hear most on Janet’s podcast, and, being the challenge-accepter that I am, was STOKED to take it on!

Valentine’s day is coming up and Chris gave me the idea to write these ladies’ names as a sort of tribute, a love letter to the women who inspire me and who I would love to listen to their perspectives on life and people and love and challenges… on everything that keeps them living the lives they are leading.

So, I will provide these ladies’ names, occupations and how to find them (if on twitter) in a list form to the best of my abilities! So if you’d like to find them and learn more about them, (or run a podcast and chat with them and also happen to be the avatar and a dead sheriff) well you KNOW i’m not going to stop you pshhhh.. errhem JANET.. cough 😉

If you have no interest in my opinions whatsoever about inspiring ladies, please, move on to the end portion of this writing. I ask you though, in your own heart, to think of some lovely ladies who you’d write a love letter to this Valentine’s day and why. Admiration of women can never be in short supply and remember, strength comes in all forms. And here I go! (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER OR CONSEQUENCE, I’ve mixed up all but the first because it was too obvious to hide later in the list!)

–Funny thing I realized is that under ALL of these women, I’m 99% sure actually, I can write ACTIVIST: I am inspired by those passionate enough to stand up for things and shout them to the world or who support them in other ways and make good on their promises.

  1. Ronda Rousey-Professional MMA Fighter, Olympian, Actor
  2. Lea Delaria – Actress, Singer @realleadelaria
  3. Tara Strong – Voice Actor  
  4. Maisie Williams – Actor @Maisie_Williams
  5. Melissa Benoist – Actor, Singer 
  6. Cara Delevingne – Model, Actor – 
  7. Julie Andrews – Actor, Singer
  8. Amy Schumer – Comedian, Actor –
  9. Gail Simone – Writer – 
  10. Veronica Taylor – Voice Actor 
  11. Lynda Carter – Actor, Singer 
  12. Krysten Ritter – Actor @Krystenritter
  13. Eliza Taylor – Actor 
  14. Renee Elise Goldsberry – Actor, Singer @reneeelisegolds
  15. Emma Watson – UN Ambassador, Actor 
  16. Jennifer Lawrence – Actor
  17. Holland Taylor – Actor @HollandTaylor
  18. Amy Poehler -Actor, Comedian, Author @smrtgrls
  19. Gwendoline Christie – Actor @lovegwendoline
  20. Wanda Sykes – Actor, Comedian @iamwandasykes
  21. Sutton Foster – Actor, Singer @sfosternyc
  22. Evangeline Lilly – Actor, Author @EvangelineLilly
  23. Ingrid Michaelson – Singer @ingridmusic
  24. Sandra Oh – Actor @IamSandraOh
  25. Jessica Chastain – Actor @jes_chastain
  26. J.K. Rowling – Author, Screenplay & theatre writer @jk_rowling
  27. Viola Davis – Actor @violadavis
  28. Sigourney Weaver – Actor
  29. Leslie Jones – Actor, Comedian @Lesdoggg
  30. Emilia Clarke – Actor @emiliaclarke
  31. Celine Dion – Singer @celinedion
  32. Loni Love – Talk Show Host, Actor, Author @LoniLove
  33. Amanda Connor – Author
  34. Tatiana Maslany – Actor –
  35. Suzanne Collins – Author
  36. Ashley Wagner – Olympian, Professional Figure Skater @AshWagner2010
  37. Cate Blanchette – Actress
  38. Anna Torv – Actress
  39. Angelina Jolie – Actress, UNHCR Ambassador
  40. Natasha Lyonne – Actress @nlyonne
  41. Kate McKinnon – Actress, Comedian
  42. Hillary Rodham Clinton – Former Secretary of State, Senator, FLOTUS @HillaryClinton
  43. America Ferrera – Actor @AmericaFerrera
  44. Dianne Guerrero – Actress @dianeguerrero__
  45. Joan Jett – Singer @joanjett
  46. Jasika Nicole – Actress @TheJasikaNicole
  47. Laverne Cox – Actress @Lavernecox
  48. Serena Williams – Professional Tennis Player @serenawilliams
  49. Alycia Debnam-Carey – Actress @DebnamCarey
  50. & 50. Kerri Walsh-Jennings AND Misty May-Treanor – Olympians, Professional Beach Volleyball Players  @MistyMayTreanor

Now this is such a MASH feeling where I KNOW I will go to bed tonight thinking of someone who hits my heart with inspiration and did not remember to put them on this heavy list of talented and supremely admirable women.

This truly, to me, is a love letter to women because my goodness, look at all these ladies that inspire me and in so many different ways from all different backgrounds, countries and lifestyles..I could write essay upon essay regarding why each woman made this list for me and this doesn’t even include those who have passed (MARIE CURIE, my goodness, what an inspiration to me) and those outside more mainstream media that wouldn’t necessarily serve well as interviewees of Janet despite their genius and heart ❤

Also, I found that I was having an extremely hard time with leaving some women out and that makes me SO happy because, honestly, women are never told enough how inspiring they are and to continue to achieve past what they have ever wildly imagined and there I was with TOO many women to include! What a joy.

Boundaries exist due to fear and I believe that women have he potential to be stronger than fear, and we certainly have the proper leaders in these names and more to get us to use our fear to accomplish the unimaginable, until it becomes quite real.

The future IS female.

-Amanda Sally (@amandasally)