Why did you let me go?

You used to be the person I loved to know

And now I’m left looking through a screen

Watching you and wondering if you’re living all your dreams


You…you’ve made me so sick

Team L doesn’t even have me as their last pick

You chose to leave me all alone and worse un-whole

I would still do anything to help you reach any of your goals

All I had wanted was your arms around me

And your laugh when I said something funny


I knew someday everyone would see how great you are

How could someone so wonderful keep themself hidden so far?

Your beauty so clear but you soul so close and to my heart

I knew that my love for you was only just the start

I didn’t care what you were because you were all mine

Every weekend I’d know, you’d come around just fine


Im broken up, pieces won’t even fit

It’s like I’m a sawed up puzzle that you decided to quit

No glue no tape no love but yours could get me

And now, my heart can’t even recognize the you it sees


When you last took me, I hoped and longed for your eyes

But they were strange and cold, with thoughts I couldn’t comprise

We talked and still I wanted to reach for more

But too soon and so suddenly, you suggested I use your door


My heart sank and my hopes turned to ash

Who is this that was so quick to dash

No love for me was left in your view

I couldn’t believe everything that was gone, all that I knew


And then, I felt my whole body crash

I didn’t know what this feeling was to pass

My world turned black and a disturbing blue

My favorite color turned something harsh, something awfully new

While all those times I saw us dance

We smiled and laughed and wore each other’s pants

We cherished our bond and what we had in our time

No one’s plans or thoughts could quite match our rhyme

And now, I don’t even think you’re singing a song

There’s no way for me to sing along

My heart is jumping, wanting to match yours

And there you are, with no light or even remorse

Remember: We are the champions? but now I’m not running with you

All those years, I stopped singing for a few

Any thought and feeling, shredded with my love great

I’d offer anyone to end my suffering, release me from this state

See, when you left, I had to completely leave the track

And with all this pain, now you force me to keep looking back

Your face still haunts me, your smile corrupts all

How insignificant I feel when you are so tall


Isn’t it funny how I’d still kill

Still do anything, still die for anyone who’d do you ill will

I love you more than mountains can climb

I wish you were that person that I could confide

My love will stay here, in my wrecked station

For everything you’ve done with me, none beats resuscitation

All the times you kill me, I love all the same

My endless care for you, it’s entirely you to blame


All the winds of the world could not be so cold

I thought my heart was shriveling or rotting from a mold

I had never believed my light would be blown out

Until I realized it was you that caused this drought

Only you could turn me into a wounded beast

Animal to myself, causing pain that wouldn’t cease

So barren, so alone, I wished to stop this ache

You, my very best friend, were my first heartbreak.