Everyone’s waiting, wondering, but impatiently anxious

By choice? Options fading, skating away the fears worked into the conscience

“No worries, no worries, everything goes as it should be”

Tell that to the enslaved, talk that shit to history.

Yeah, working towards a goal has been a common theme

But hate and backwards thinking, always a recurring scheme

No way will I fall, painstakingly I stand still watching time

Knowing I am so small, I have little impact with this rhyme

Does doing nothing make it better? Not knowing my future path?

Lax people don’t flatter, regardless of equations we still gotta do the math

Continuing on and letting words flow without choosing the phrases

Doesn’t mean you know the whole story though, but why let your life pass in phases

Unchosen, without any control, motivation can give some light to it

Frozen we provide nothing, a bystander is no hero “fighting fit”

Nothing may mean anything, but why choose to be unforgiving

Advancing another’s or springing to action an idea could be found fulfilling

Even in low circumstance, unknowing chatter with strangers

New ideas and open hearts fill space, give glow to dark nights of dangers

Could be someone next door, your own family or pet

Maybe a life of a poor, someone you’ve never even met

But to put forth motive, to continue to work for your values at the core

Including others, deciding to give, it inspires the world that much more

And maybe existence is only a strand of an endless timeline’s pace

But why allow for such a life to end without feeling like you’ve improved the human race?

Delete any reservations from your own condensed speech

Forget the limitless vacation of passing moments, live with purpose and reach.