I would just like to say a few things to you guys,

The conversations had post debate numbers 1-2 are so much more important now.

You NEED to stand with women and defend them, empower them. You have a responsibility to. And ignoring it is the biggest betrayal to myself and my comrades fighting for equal rights, nevermind the abuse we take day after day, the amount of times I have to look over my shoulder to see who is following me, the shit minorities get for existing in a “white world.” You have to be more prominent and not wait.

“Bigotry makes equality fights much more attainable and quicker to achieve.” I don’t know, tell that to slavery. It was damn apparent and took forever to abolish and still there is racism, so it hasn’t been solved.And women only got the right to vote less than 100 yrs ago with Susan B Anthony getting legitimately beaten up on streets by men, kicked while she is laying on the road. Google pictures if you believe me to exaggerate.

But if you choose to stay complacent because everything is going well for you and you don’t “need” to participate until someone gets burned alive or hanged for being another trait other than white male, you are burning this world slowly and burning any friendship i have with you. I fight hard enough for the rights of others and myself, to know hose more powerful are ignoring that is irreconcilable to me. I know you all to be well read individuals and i believe there is NO REASON for you NOT to stand up and be more vocal. Now is not the time to go along with whatever because it is easy, be tougher, I don’t care if it makes you uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable every day of my life and imagine what those believing in Islam or those a part of the Muslim culture must feel. Do not ignore this. By saying nothing, by being a bystander, you choose ignorance.

I believe in you all. I hope you have enough respect for me to heed my words and understand that these words denote much more than seriousness, they are a promise that I dedicate my life to and I want you to make much more prominent in your own. You all have these incredible voices and diversified jobs and social groups, these in itself are so powerful in changing our world, strengthening our bonds and support. We can reach so many with all of you at the helm AND with all of you helping others to rise to the forefront that they are giving their whole entities fighting for.

Do not disregard me either, for I have battles to fight daily and friends who allow suffering as bystanders are no friends of mine. Yes I am sounding threatening, but what is being threatened are my rights, others’ rights, and abilities to live in this country and cold world.

There is so much work to do, and as a white person, I know I have to step up that much more to defend my comrades and those who are suffering prejudices and inequalities to a much higher degree than I could ever understand. I will not stand away from them, but with them as much as I can. However, as a woman and member of the LGBTQ community, I know that I will be shot down for “reacting” and called many awful things, as I have been before, in making this climb. But I will not be afraid. I will no longer hold back when injustice is such a force and I will do more to go further in finding places where I can be a source of support. I will be more vocal, if those of you know me can even imagine, but it is a promise I will uphold. Please do the same.


Thank you.