There are times when I imagine.

I can sense it, more than just see it unfolding.

It becomes so real, that I confuse myself

Thinking thoughts and memories

Twins in nature

Is perspective not judgmental

Dreams and reality

Both different visions

Different comprehensive worlds

Fringe universes

Ever-close, yet parallel

But who is to choose which is the one that matters

Or leave them to never intersect

Conceptions of what can be

These arise only from flights or depths

Further than we can be

Our mind travels farthest

Seeing past measurements of time

Measurements of space confine us all

Where we exist

How we exist does not matter

Effort in the Why we want to exist sought through tireless pondering of an axis

And the How will present itself on our knowing plane

Yet the Z has not even shown

There are always more than 2 dimensions

There is a figure that cannot properly be recognized

Neither by dream nor “actuality”

There is another place of consciousness

Another child

Foreign to the twins perhaps

But ever felt

Presence pulling through both planes

Giving a third dimension


Maybe indescribable even to its own figure

There may be no title for this axis

No measurement for passing on the line

Yet there it lies

sp? Is there a pyramid of analysis to teach us?

Do our molecules hold truth in where we truly fit?

Or what fits in our capabilities of thought?

Innumerable Z and it’s potential

Unreasonable to believe it has an endpoint, whatever it’s markers may show

Dimensions do not have to be single

Not even 2

There is not choice involved either

Acknowledgment is enough

Special people, outside thinkers, smart students

No title but wonderer is needed

The dimensions are unfailing

Faithful to all who adopt them

Splitting ourselves into reality and dreams

Maybe that is the one way to kill Z

And we owe it to our adoption to allow our minds sense

For there is nothing else that we owe to anyone

Being human

Is it a mere 1-dimensional view?