Can wind be denied?


An invisible, untouchable force

Only known by sight of influence

Without effect on surroundings, it remains unseen

Bitter, or cold

Pushing forward towards an undeniable truth

Maybe even so gentle as giving a nudge

If wanted, easily lifting

The breeze and storm are cousins

Neither acknowledged until others are in the way

Rain is a falling

Heat blurs up towards the skies

Snow freezes and covers color itself

But what of wind?

It can only be felt

Something no one else can understand or know

Not in that same way

None are similar

Is experience that differs once shared one?

Is anything one?

What if belief is only a precursor

Precursor to the knowing

Insight of something once blocked

Moving towards enlightenment

Feeling that guides ideals to honesty

The wind does not know

Yet it pushes us all towards the unknowable something