What a foul thing, to lose one’s self

Is it fair or of any conceptual idea to believe oneself is not one thing

Not one planet

Not one being

But a constellation

Are they planned out?

Each component of a larger picture

Predestined to lie where they do

Give one shot of a much greater movement

Or do the stars that make up who we are have no predestination

The universe has many elements

Any of those can cause one star to gravitate towards something larger

Or push things away

Evenmore, collide

Maybe the collisions matter most

It’s been said that we are made of the most defining moments in our lives

Those are the memories that force our person into being

And further, into the realm of others’ beings

But what if those stars were to all go dark

Turn into black holes

And fade into nothingness

Far out of any understanding that we could possibly muster

Without means of recovery

Is it so strong in our soul that the same constellation would begin again

Start birthing stars into a formation once known

Or will they be in a new system

Not out of alignment

But shaped due to a new universe even

New moments of impact and gravitational push and pull

We as beings, after all, must exist in space

The conundrum of it being, that space is immeasurable

And only so much is mapped

How little we truly know about our own beings

Only from reflections of the lights of others can we see glimpses of our own existence