I think about it

I think about how you said I would fail

You were so sure

Oh so certain

My jaw tightens and I feel my eyes narrow

I fight the urge to bear down

Such ferocity, I’ll break my teeth

There’s no question

I’m certain too

I don’t even have to look

My hands are tight, in a fist

I wake up from restlessness

My muscles ache

Darkness surrounds my eyes

Even when focusing, it comes back to mind

“You can’t do it.”

Clenched again

Every muscle

Down to the soles of my feet

I feel my arches ripping away from me

I don’t care

The anger is enough

It combats any tearing pain

I can’t even tell if my heart is one piece

Or if it’s been pulled and ripped apart

My soul is on fire

And better that it is

My certainty is hardly visible

Maybe determination is in my eyes

Aggressive pose my shoulders might take

My neck might even give hint

Eyebrows severe

Lips as if they’ll never be opened again

This is nothing even close

You might think you know

But I know too

I know you’re a fool

Nothing is certain

Nothing but death

And to equate you with the taker of life

I’d be a fool too

My soul knows me

And resiliance is something that isn’t taught

It’s lived

So pose as death

Pretend you know all

I won’t be partake

Games are for those who play

Why would a concern be of such to me

My life isn’t one I play with

And to think you and I are on the same board

The same stage

The same level

You don’t play the fool

You are the fool

As torn inside as I might not know

Known is the immovable fortitude

Known is nature that is unforgiving

Known is fire

I don’t burn out

I engulf everything I set myself to

Do not be mistaken

Once I clench, I don’t let go