What is it about the sun that gives us so much energy

You can get into the physics and chemistry of it all

But at the end, it’s a ball of swirling energy

Why would it choose to give it away?

The whole universe, a cold place

Space in itself, named for its inability to hold anything close

Yet the sun is there

Choosing to surround itself

And choosing to give off all it has for the life of others

Maybe it is foolish

Maybe it feels it has no choice

Maybe it is dead already

And here we are, draining it for all it has

Do we say thank you or praise it for being so kind?

Do we even realize that when our days are cloudy, it is still there, giving all it has?

A bundle of energy, wanting to be close to anything

Yet it burns so hotly that it must remain alone

Maybe we should be like the sun

Maybe we already are.