Behavior is everything, nothing is everything

The view is not so much of weight when next to the motive.


Pushed toward, away, or unmoving.

Any & all have their best use.

Choosing to do & not do.

Knowing the most valuable when struck is wisdom

But realization

Without such, no behaviors, pressures or motives.

Choice, unfathomable. Plywood floating adrift.

What use is the wind or wave if one does not know they are in the ocean & among the sky’s forces?

Blackness of mind, light covered is false.

Not seeing the blue of the sea does not make it untrue.

Just as pretending is lie if ignorance is its father.

Deciding to know, even know that you don’t

Power floods to the soul of the seeker.

The weak have potential as they know they are so.

And becoming more is a matter of choice, motive, & behavior.

What then of the strong who realize it too?

They have something gained, for challenges are limitless & when put through storm and struggle, life grows.