I am no fool

Knowingly, I stand firm.

There is nothing that can diminish me to ash.

Cracks in my foundation are there

Broken parts

But more than cements has rebuilt the holes.

Like muscle torn, only stronger do I return.

On no one do I lean

The words of support give aid

Yet none is my brick.


Lost for long in the depths of the earth

Far beneath sight or touch

No presence did I feel

Not the slightest acknowledgement

But I dug deep

Down into my own core

It is my soul and my flesh

What keeps me looking towards Olympus

Clouds aren’t so far above

The sun shines partly for me.

I can give & take more than a bag

Relentless with a vengeance only for my past self

I choose to be determined, unmoving, and firm.

My view are far greater than have beens

Why should I ever think less of the mirror?

Reflection of the experience fighter gives me assurance of my diligence.

No flaws do I ignore, or bruises I cover.

Madness & its tolls are spoken from my eyes

Pain & suffering of known, not ignorant

Worse are those still in it & at more severe storms to

Yet weathered I appear, no umbrella to shield

Scarred & still healing, maybe some fresh

But the pout of the lips

The ice looking back

Flares of smoke showing breath

The relaxed tenseness is unwavering.

How unfamiliar it would have seemed to old

Without those years, untold the stories would be

Pride & steadfast will

No relenting or letting up is forseeable

The intimidation raises hair

Excitement for next challenges

& fear of failure

But stoking the flames

The coals are infinite

There is no way that even Poseidon could douse them

Passion to be one’s self & succeed by that way

The girl looks back with warrior’s ferocity

To question such decision…

It’d be asking a polar bear if she actually could stand the cold.