Silly girl. Foolish Girl. Hanging madly from the sky.

Grinning, looking playful, always seems to ask, “why?”


Pretty thing, but don’t go near. Those crazy eyes lock in.

Falling for the doll, easy, but would quickly lead to sin


A cage is good, most suitable for view from distance sight

Watch her twirl and mutter, little thing won’t give a fright


Young girl, pretty girl. How’d you get yourself here?

A harmless tiny kid you look, not one of dark career


Whispers of medical know could only be of joke

Funny, though, how laughs your trouble, or so the blue men spoke


Wound linked with insanity, you painted the city red

This path you couldn’t have chosen! Your pigtails must have been led


Stories of love, others of torture, but are they intertwined?

Is love not pain, nor joy from torture to the sadist’s mind?


Did you know? Of course not girl, no beauty could have thought

The destruction, hurt and anarchy that humor would have brought


Oh silly girl, what goes on behind those batted eyes?

There couldn’t be anything of worth, no truth or sealed lies


You have no power, no need for special treatment, no threat could come from you

Magic, fire, even insult alone, none of this you spew


Easy captive, confusing girl, no one is on alert

Twist your hair and part your lips, no man will you convert


No friends to speak of in the air or family to call yours

A man who took advantage has yet to come towards


Alone you rot, waste of face, it’s almost shameful to see

Blondie with the crazy eyes is all you’ll ever be.


I thought all this and then it hit, a hammer to my head

Underestimate the pretty ones, and you could wind up DEAD.